About Changebridge

ChangeBridge was founded on the belief that capital markets include areas of inefficiency, which can be identified through both our quantitative system and rigorous fundamental research.

We aim to deliver long term capital appreciation and the preservation of capital by identifying those inefficiencies. Our fundamental research process integrates financial analysis with a consideration for the sustainability of financial drivers from an environmental, social, and governance perspective. Using this approach to construct portfolios gives disciplined investors the opportunity to compound capital over time, with below average levels of risk.


Investors have the right to see their holdings on a daily basis, and our investment philosophy is published openly on our website.


An investors’ capital is theirs and they have the right to access it when they wish. While capital is entrusted with us for investment management purposes, we are gracious stewards and take this responsibility seriously.

We are currently offering the Changebridge Capital Long/Short Equity ETF (CBLS) and the Changebridge Capital Sustainable Equity ETF (CBSE) as well as Separately Managed Accounts.